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Introducing Local Staff

Our young, hardworking and hugely ambitious local employees at Mochizuki Press Vietnam are playing an active role.

Local staff

Why did you choose Mochizuki Press Vietnam?

Not long after returning to Vietnam after studying in Japan, I came across a recruitment ad for MPV and immediately applied. I heard the company had just launched a project in Vietnam and thought it would be good experience to get involved from the beginning, so I joined.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

I like my current job. There were many things I didn’t understand at first, but I have been able to learn about social insurance, labor system, the environment, firefighting law and implementation experience, and administrative management.
Above all, I’m delighted to see the staff I have appointed working happily, hear they say “I’m glad I joined the company”, and be evaluated favorably. I am always looking for better ways to resolve problems in our organization, while considering things like whether our employees are having difficulties or whether our in-house environment is in order.

Are you glad that you joined this company?

I have learned various things such as work methods, management methods, and Japanese social manners, so I have grown personally. I think that strictly following the 5S methodology is useful in my personal life as well as at work. Our in-house environment and personal relations are good, and all our employees come together like one big family.

Local staff

Why do you want to work at Mochizuki Press Vietnam?

I'm intereted in cars. But I didn't know much about Mochizuki Press Vietnam until I read the recruitment information on a Job site. Then I researched some information the company and knew that MPV is expert in terminal manufacturing in Japanese automotive industry. I'm very impressed by Japanese products, which always put the consumer benefit is first priority. Besides, I've had experience working in a foreigner company for several years. All these reasons pushed me want to be a part of MPV.

WWhat did you learned through 2 years at Mochizuki Press Vietnam?

It's hard to believe I've worked at MPV for more than 2 years since I started this challenge in August 2015. Why is it challenge? Because MPV is my first Japanese company: products, machines, language, culture, etc., everything seemed very strange for me. Therefore, in these past 2 years I have been tried my best to learn as more as possible. It's been the most rewarding challenge!
Working as production planner, I always have to think that first priority is "delivery in time". Deadline is pressure, but it makes me better, faster and stronger.
I've also learned that you can't just sit back and expect everything OK as your plan, you have to take action. Mistakes are inevitable. Let do it! I'm always learning by trial and error, and try not make same mistake next time.
In Japanese company, improvements have never finished. It means that brainstorming is always necessary. Of course, normally I do it myself.But in many cases, two heads are better than one. I've learned a lot of what to do and what not to do from others. Team-work is an important lesson.

Finally, I've learned how to love my job. I concentrate all my working-time and effort on job target, then feel really comfortable when finished it. I truly love what I do.

Are you glad that you joined this company?

As I talked above, I truly love what I do. I'm very proud of being a part of MPV, contributing to the company development, making MPV step by step become the true partner of customers and suppliers. Finally, Many thanks to everyone who always stand by me since my first day at MPV.

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