About Mochizuki Press


Message from the President

Mochizuki Press Industrial was founded in 1893 as a metalworking company before going on to specialize in press working from 1952. We are engaged in metal mold design and production, molding, and the development of press peripheral equipment.

We aim for technology that is always one step ahead of the field, and all our employees carry out day-to-day improvements under a basic policy of “better, faster, cheaper” with our customer needs in mind.

Going forward, we will strive to develop into a company that serves our customers and society, focusing on the technical development of presses and establishing even higher levels of quality.

Takanori Mochizuki

Takanori Mochizuki

Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Basic Policies

  • We consider what our customers desire.
  • We think about how to be “better, faster, cheaper”.

  • We view the future from a broad perspective.

  • We reflect on personal development and a comfortable workplace.

Principles of Conduct

  • We maintain these five states of mind everyday:
    ・Honesty ・ Attentiveness ・Reflection
    ・Gratitude ・Humility
  • We always see, think and act from the customer’s point of view.

  • We take on all responsibilities ourselves at work rather than put them on others.

  • We take on challenges and personal growth without fear of failure.

Principles of Conduct

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